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Students will practice problem solving, social interaction and critical thinking etc. - all skills that are necessary to thrive in elementary and beyond.

Things your child/ children will be tested on:

1. Understanding Simple Instructions or Understand multi Instructions: It’s very important for your child to understand and follow simple questions. The teacher/ interviewer will mostly focus on your child’s ability to think and to response to different questions. Also, during this section the teacher/ interviewer will focus on your child’s social skills and confidences level.

2. Response & Communication: During the interview the teacher/ interviewer will ask a question to a group of children to see who will respond. The goal is to have the child comfortable enough to speak during theses stressful situations.

3. ETC: At times in the primary level your child will be tested on phonics, number, and reading skills. Fluency in English is must for certain schools.

The Interview Program

  • We train and equip children with the skills sets that are required to succeed both in a group interviews and one-on-on interviews. We focus on posture, eye contact, proper etiquette, and smiling.
  • Aim and primarily focus on the child’s speaking and listening skills. Our goal is to help children build on their social skills through fun games and dynamic play. These games will help the child think outside of the box and likewise, it will build on their imagery skills.
  • Our aim is to bring out the ‘naturalness’ in each child so they can perform their best on the day of their interview.
  • Most importantly will be conducting mock interviews. Mock interviews will be conducted as a real interviews.