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The Bounding Step
The stage where children can start singing and more formal music education

Between the ages of 2 and 3, children’s ability to communicate develops rapidly. With this greater ability to vocalise, we start to see much of what was learnt passively in the earlier stages of development: Children start to sing more tunefully and gradually demonstrate an ability to sing simple songs in their entirety, the familiarity with songs that was gained between the ages of 6 and 24 months, starts to show its benefit as it is from this familiarity that confidence in singing is derived. Children also show that they are able to distinguish between musical moods and add their own emotional content to music. Rhythm can be maintained for longer periods, and the complexity of the rhythmic patterns that children are able to reproduce has increased. During this stage it is vital that children’s imagination is stimulated in conjunction with the playing of music, as education is an active process, and giving the child some creative ownership over the process immediately adds intrinsic motivation.