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Led by an experienced native English teacher with a certification in play therapy & attachment
What is Phonics Play?

Phonics Play uses Step Up Phonics® books, which go beyond just language development. These specially designed books teach fun interactive English with necessary skills to achieve success and reach their potential. Our program provides children with a social way to converse with others, as well as fostering emotional & cognitive development.

Why is Phonics Play different to any other phonetic learning?

During each level of the program, teachers are given a special “CLPR technique” to use in order to strengthen the children’s social and emotional development whilst teaching.This technique includes 4 special skills which are specially designed to improve positive social and emotional development, which in turn, nurtures the healthy functioning of body and mind, which is essential for effective learning:

  • Check In & Out
  • Listen, Reflect & Respond
  • Positive Reinforcement & Relationship
  • Respect & Question Time
How will I know my child’s progression?

Each book includes regular built in revision assessments, so that the child can review and progress effectively towards the end of level assessment. When the child has passed the end assessment, they will progress onto the next level.

Why use the CPRL technique?

It has a positive effect on academic performance. It focuses on social & emotional, language, cognitive and fine motor development. It gives children enough “mindful breaks” in order to maximize learning.