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BabySteps Online

BabySteps Online is a dynamic tailor-made online program, created by our experienced teachers to ensure each child has maximise learning effectiveness . We feature signature programs to create an impactful and foundational learning experience for every young learner. Unlock your children’s highest potentials for their bright future, and let BabySteps Online to be part of their educational journey.

Benefits of online learning for young leaners

Help young learners to develop sensory, cognitive development, motor skills and emotional intelligence

Stimulate their senses through our colourful visuals, engaging music and live games

Cultivate their ability to develop computer operation skills that enhance their hand-eye coordination

Opportunities to interact with teachers and other children to develop their communication skills and social competence


Personalised curriculum and access to our exclusive educational videos & content curated by BabySteps educators Team


Small class size and defined age groups to create an effective learning environment


Dynamic learning with our curated collection of creative activities, digital worksheets and educational videos


Offering comprehensive programs, from language learning to STEM, to achieve well-rounded education


Flexible appointment scheduling and customised planning to optimise every learner’s development progress


One-to-one free 15 minute assessment and trial class to create individualised programs.

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